Our “bodies” are made up of four distinct parts- spiritual, mental, emotional & physical. The stress of life is more easily managed if you maintain balance in your life. These components are all integrated and influence each other.

Two of the bodies are masculine (physical, mental), and two are feminine (emotional, spiritual). “Our culture generally emphasizes the masculine or patriarchal side of things. When we are solely in our masculine, we are focused on the physical and mental side of things— it’s a very black and white way of thinking that ignores everything that isn’t concrete or seemingly controllable. Things are becoming a bit more feminine—the emotional and spiritual side of our existence is taking a leap forward—but we are not there yet. The feminine is what synthesizes our experience—it’s a large part of the practice of being in the now and present, of feeling the moment.”

Keeping a healthy mental/physical and emotional/spiritual balance can feel challenging. Being fearful of the truths you might uncover when you dig below the surface to learn that you may be bored with your job, unhappy in your relationship, or just want a little more out of life, is understandable. Yet, that information may be just what you needed to make a change. Also, you might have the added pressure of “what now?” This creates a cascade of questions that’ll need answers and most likely, invite you to make some changes. As scary as it may be, there are clear benefits to those changes which lead to greater self-care.

We’ve been conditioned to overlook the importance of balancing our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs, but doing so is crucial to our well-being.

“You will know that there is something more than our earth/life experience, you will feel a form of unity with a higher force/energy, you will know that something “more” is for you and with you.” And perhaps most important, being balanced means 

“that you realize we are all worthy and whole beyond measure.”

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