Social Media Marketing

A social marketer’s no. 1 challenge is to prove ROI

Return on investment is our top concern. If the Social Marketer’s are struggling then it makes sense for two reasons:

  • 1) Marketers aren’t meeting the full needs of their social audience with both brand awareness and consideration content;

  • 2) They’re defining ROI incorrectly to begin with.

With us, you can redefine ROI from the top and underscore the true value of social.

Build and grow stronger relationships on social

Understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with our social media management expertise and experience.

Don’t just manage your brand’s social media efforts – optimize them for long-term value

Social is no longer just a communication channel. It’s an opportunity to create real connection with your audience – and to future-proof your brand.

Content planning & publishing

Map your content themes against brand initiatives, see a holistic view of your publishing plans and leverage our send-time optimization to deliver across platforms.

Measurement & optimization

Optimize your marketing strategy with access to rich social data, powerful trend analysis and customized reporting to measure and drive performance for your organization.

Campaign & conversation management

We will Monitor, prioritize, collaborate and respond to incoming messages to track campaign engagement, build customer relationships and generate advocacy.